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Our Mission

Founded on a love for coffee and desire to do more, our mission is simple:

Roast damn good coffee

We’re not about being fancy, stuffy, or elite. We roast, we taste, and if we think it’s great we share it!  Light, medium, and dark roasts can all be found here at Whirlwind. Our coffees cover the spectrum of flavors: chocolatey, citrus, nutty, earthy, fruity. And we’ll never judge you for putting cream and sugar in your coffee! In fact some of our dark roasts taste amazing that way.

Sell it to good humans at a fair price

Craft coffee roasters like Whirlwind roast what’s called specialty coffee — the highest grade coffee available in the world. As a result, we pay more for better coffee. But at Whirlwind, we strive to ensure our coffee can be enjoyed by everyone by offering fair prices and hopefully making a little profit to give back.

Give back 100% of all net profits to support charities and communities.

My late wife, Elana, once said, “Everyday I just try to be a good person”. We, at Whirlwind Coffee, strive to live by this same mantra. As a father/daughter business, we believe in doing good and giving back. We know that our actions, big and small, matter more than words alone. That’s why we’ve chosen to donate 100% of net profits to charities and communities in need. 

So be a good human; Get brewing already! David and Maya

Let's partner up!

We’re always keeping an eye out for like minded business, organizations, and good humans with extra moxie. If you’re looking to do some good, and have an idea or a desire to work with us on a project, promotion, etc. shoot us an email.

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